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Q1. What is Speech Pathology ?

Speech Pathologists are trained to assess and treat people who have communication difficulties. A Speech Pathologist is required to complete a degree at university which covers all aspects of communication including speech, writing, reading, signs, symbols and gestures.


Q2. Why do we need Speech Pathologists ?

A Speech Pathologist may be required when there are problems with communication. Communication is something that most of us take for granted. One in seven Australians has some form of communication difficulty.


Q3. Do I need a referral ?

No referral is required however most of our clients are referred by a GP or educator.


Q4. What does an assessment involve ?

Extensive background/developmental history; formal (standardised assessments) and informal (observation, surveys, questionaires) evaluation measures in a range of communication settings in which the child interacts; Feedback and discussion of outcomes; Planning for the future.


Q5. Is there a particular age that my child should start therapy ?

If you think your child is experiencing difficulty with their communication (eg: late to begin talking, has a limited spoken vocabulary or does not have a good understanding of language) it is never too early to seek help and consult a speech pathologist about your concerns. Research has shown that the earlier we start to help children the better their outcomes.


Q6. Will my child’s speech improve with time ?

A large percentage of children appear to catch up with their peers by the time they enter school however it can be difficult to predict which children will not catch up to their peers. Studies show that even though some children appear to catch up to their peers in speech and language areas there may still be areas of their language and learning where they do not perform as well as their peers.


Q7. Is stuttering normal in young children ?

Many children who develop stuttering may recover without formal treatment however it is difficult to identify which children will recover and which children will require treatment. If your child has been stuttering for more than six months it is recommended that you seek the advice of a speech pathologist.


Q8. Where are therapy sessions held ?

Most therapy sessions are conducted in the clinic but therapy can be arranged at the child’s preschool or school .


Q9. What is the cost ?

Please contact for specific pricing and further information. Your child may be eligible for rebates through Medicare. Additionally your private health insurer may cover Speech Pathology services. Contact your provider for further information.